One card for every petrol station

95% national coverage

Our Advantages


Fuel Cards give you a much greater control over your company. They give you the option to specify exactly what can and cannot be bought with them.


Your employees have the freedom to choose at wich gas station to stop and refual, thanks to our partnerships with leading companies in Bulgaria.


Мake one payment by direct debit and receive a convenient electronic bill. You will be able to view all your transactions, and receive an invoice. No more processing multiple payments and paying expenses.

Cost reduction

The benefits of fuel cards are applicable to companies large and small, and with all types of fleets. You reduce your administration and the time you spend processing payments, and your drivers have a convenient way to pay for fuel.


Strong trading relationships with our partners combined with our highly qualified staff create the perfect conditions for top quality service!

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Customer Benefits

  • Privileged insurance policies
  • High quality lubricants on special prices
  • Vehicle on lease with special options
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